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Essential Elegance: The Must-Haves Collection

Discover the ultimate selection of home essentials with's Must-Haves Collection. Curated with the finest and most innovative products, this collection features everything you need to create a comfortable, stylish, and efficient living space. From multifunctional gadgets to timeless décor pieces, our must-haves combine practicality with elegance, ensuring your home is always equipped with the best. Elevate your everyday living with our handpicked essentials that promise to enhance your lifestyle effortlessly.

FlexiBroom Pro™ - Microfibre extendable Duster

Rs. 750.00 Rs. 1,500.00

POWERGLIDE™ - Portable Air Duster Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Rs. 999.00

FLAMEGUARD™ - Gas Saver-Gas Saver Burner Stand Gas Saver Jali Home Gas Stove Fire & Windproof Energy Saving Stand (Fire saving stand) (pack of 2)

Rs. 799.00 Rs. 1,999.00

Prosleek Maneflix™ - Portable Mini Hair Straightener Cordless Rechargeable Mini Adjustable Hair Straightener Hot Comb

Rs. 1,200.00

CLEANSWIFT™- Portable Mini Mop Tools

Rs. 699.00

VedicFlame - Flame Diffuser.

Rs. 1,299.00

SOLARA™ - sunset Projection Lamp and Rainbow Night Light

Rs. 1,199.00

GolfGuard Toilet Brush -Pack of 2 Golf Toilet Brush, Long Handle Toilet Brush, Flexible Bendable Silicone Golf Toilet Bowl Cleaner Toilet Brushes for Bathroom 360 No Dead Ends Wall Mounted

Rs. 550.00