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Illuminate Your Space: The Lighting Collection

Discover the perfect blend of innovation and style with's exclusive collection of home lighting gadgets. Our cutting-edge designs not only brighten your home but also enhance its aesthetic appeal, creating an ambiance that is both functional and inviting. Transform every corner of your space with our unique lighting solutions and experience the perfect harmony of technology and elegance.

16 Color Changing Rose Crystal Diamond Table Lamp

Rs. 999.00

VedicFlame - Flame Diffuser.

Rs. 1,299.00

GalaxyGlow鈩 - USB Starlight Emitter

Rs. 699.00

SOLARA鈩 - sunset Projection Lamp and Rainbow Night Light

Rs. 1,199.00

StellerGlow - Galaxy projector

Rs. 999.00

Starlight360 - USB Laser Light 360 degree Rotation Use for Disco Night Light Shower Laser Light (Ball Diameter: 10 cm)

Rs. 800.00